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Summary: Modern Art | Vasana Gorner

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Modern Art | Vasana Gorner

  • 1 Modern Art an overview

  • What are the 4 characteristic of Moderb Art according to Sheldon Cheney

    - A movement away from ‘serious  subjects’ ( often seen as literary influences)

    - A movement away from depiction of objective reality

    - A movement away from figurative art

    - A movement towards  the expression of inner feeling and formal beauty

    (Sheldon Cheney The Story of Modern art 1958)

  • What artistic media did Modern Art favour?

    Painting (especially non figurative painting) and to a lesser extent sculpture.
    It used techniques like collage to break down the barriers between the two media.
  • Who painted this picture?

    Gauguin Yellow haystacks 1889
  • Which two post impressionist artists influenced the two main trends in Modern Art

    1)    Cezanne who used muted colours and concentrated on formal beauty . This led to the Modernist movements and abstract art.

    2) a) Gauguin who was interested in expressing inner feeling often through the use of vivid unnaturalistic colour and dramatic brushstrokes. This led to the expressionism


  • Sheldon Cheney said ‘In the succession of ‘isms that comprise the story of Modern Art there is traceable a unity of progress.’ Cheney the stotry of Modern Art 1958. Which three isms do not fit

    a) Dadaism – it does not privilege painting, it is not interested in formal beauty, it uses objective reality

    b) (Surrealism – it uses figurative painting and is not interested in formal beauty)

    c) Social realism – it is realist (it depicts objective reality) it deals with serious subjects it is not concerned with formal beauty or inner feelings


  • According to Robert Goldwater what were the four key aspects of prmitive art which made it influence modern art?

    a) 1) simplicity and fundamentality that was psychologically compelling

    2) 2) Different artists were influenced by different types of art .

    3) 3)  Included naive art, folk art and children's art

    4   4) They thought simple art = simple people therefore racist

    (     Robert Goldwater Primitivism in Modern Art (1938)






    2a) Primitive Art included not just art by native peoples but also by Naïve artists, such as Henri Rousseau ( below) and children’s art


  • What is post impressionism

    The term post impressionism was coined by English art critic Roger Fry in 1910 to describe several different movements in French art after1860  for an exhibition in London   All these movement were dissatisfied by the impressionist total reliance on colour and light in depicting nature
  • 1.1 Time line and explanation of main movements.

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  • What were the main characteristics of realism?

    Pictures of ordinary people doing ordinary things.  Often ugly and commonplace. often painted outdoors
  • Which school is this picutre an example of?

    Realism. Bonjour Monsieur Courbet.  by Courbet
  • What were the dates of impressionism?

    1860- 1890.
    First use of the word avantgarde to describe 1863 about the impressionist paining at the salon des refuse.
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 94 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.

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