Modeling - Purposes for UML Modeling - Analysis

11 important questions on Modeling - Purposes for UML Modeling - Analysis

The separation of design from analysis allows ....

a new design to be supplied for the same analysis model, if, for some reason, the original design did not work, or if there are more than one competitive design team

What is Domain Analysis?

The modeling of the DOMAIN, the things in the real world to understand how the current system or legacy system works, possibly to extract the essentials to incorporate eventually into a replacement system.

This current system may be entirely mechanical or manual.

Domain analysis modeling is usually done ...

with the idea that the existing stakeholders and users can review the model to determine its faithfulness to the actual system.

Thus, the terminology used matches the legacy system’s terminology so the current users and stakeholders can understand the model
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On what does the Domain Analysis concentrate?

they will concentrate on :
  • Class, State Machines
  • Sequence diagrams

with attention to definitions of the terms used.

What does the Domain analysis emphasize?

These models tend to emphasize simplicity and accuracy to maximize communication.

Use Case Analysis utilize what diagrams?

Such modeling utilizes Use Case diagrams though other diagrams may be used as supplements

The Use Case analysis is a bridge between

The Users (Actors) and the modelers to determine the needs that the system must satisfy

Requirements analysis starts with...

with externally given requirements or in lieu of requirements, a problem statement.

By Requirements Analysis:

By examining the input text, it is possible to ...

to identify the nouns and verbs and create mapping objects and behaviors in your evolving model.

Requirements Analysis:

In this approach, the models should use........

should use the requirements terminology because the interested stakeholders tend to be the authors of the requirements document

Requirements Analysis:

This approach tends to concentrate on

  • Class
  • State Machines
  • Activity Diagrams 

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