Modeling - Purposes for UML Modeling - Implementation

8 important questions on Modeling - Purposes for UML Modeling - Implementation

What does Implementation modeling covers?

covers supplying the model details necessary to convert the model to an executable system.

What is a consequence of adding more details to the implementation modeling?

Supplying more detail will give you more control over what is done, but it may have an impact on the schedule and cost.

What is By Hand Generation?

When the conversion will be done by hand, sufficient details need to be present to convey to the programer the programing constructs that will be necessary to employ.

However, because many parts of the system may be implemented similarly, such detail may only be necessary to specify once.
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What is Automatic Code Generation?

However, to convert automatically a system, the modeling will usually need to be detailed everywhere.

It may also need to include specific hints or annotations that will guide the automatic tools in choosing a correct and efficient programing construct (e.g., the correct containment class or error handling approach).

Depending on the target programing language, the UML used for automatic code generation may need to avoid certain modeling constructs.

What is also possible by Automatic Code Generation to specify necessary details?

To specify the necessary details of behavior, the UML model will often need to have additional annotations of code in the target language.

It is also possible to generate automatically databases and user interfaces from suitably annotated models.

What is Direct Simulation or Execution?

In some cases, it is possible that the UML model can be simulated or executed directly. Models that support this approach usually require similar features that automatic code generation requires, but even more detail needs to be supplied, and there are more limitations on the UML used.

What will the Direct Simulation have?

Often, the UML model will need to have an implementation independent action language added to specify the details of required behavior.

Reverse engineering capabilities exist for....

most common programing languages.

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