Behavior : State Machine Diagrams - State Machine Processing - State Diagrams and Machines

5 important questions on Behavior : State Machine Diagrams - State Machine Processing - State Diagrams and Machines

When all of an object’s initialization is complete, it will start its state

State Machine (if any)

How does a State Machine start?

  • It will start at the topmost level of the state diagram and enter the state pointed to by the Initial Pseudostate (solid ball).

  • This is the initial transition.

  • It is normally unlabeled.

  • However, it may be labeled with the Event type of the occurrence that created the object, and otherwise, it must be unlabeled.

  • There can only be one Initial Pseudostate per region.

  • The topmost state machine diagram is a region.

  • The transition from the Initial Pseudostate cannot have a trigger or guard, though it may have a behavior.

  • Only one transition is allowed from the Initial Pseudostate.

If there is only one state at the topmost level of te diagram, usually it is interpreteded as...

as that state is the initial state, even without the Initial Pseudostate pointing toward it.
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If there was no Initial Pseudostate and there are multiple states in the topmost region of the diagram, the behavior is...

unspecified; generally, we would consider the model to be an ill-formed model.

What is the Header and the Diagram-Kind in a State Machine?

  • The header for the state machine diagram is the same pentagonal shape that the other diagrams use.

  • The diagram-kind field is stm, indicating a state machine.

  • A state machine diagram can only have one state machine inside it. See Fig. 18.26.

  • The second field in the stm header indicates the name of the classifier or behavior that follows the contained state machine.
This is normally a class, though it can be a use case or operation.

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