Politics and the state - Debating the state - The role of the state

15 important questions on Politics and the state - Debating the state - The role of the state

What is the aim of a minimal state?

Liberals believe this is the best to ensure individuals the widest possible realm of freedom, where the state only provides a framework of peace and social order => nightwatchman by Locke

What are the three core functions of a state according to Locke?

1) Maintain domestic order
2) Ensure that contracts or agreements are enforced
3) It provides protection against external attacks

What is a developmental state?

A state that intervenes in economic life with the purpose of promoting industrial growth and economic development
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What is economic globalization and competition states and tiger economies?

Economic globalization : The incorporation of national economies into a single 'borderless' global economy, through transnational production and capital flows.

Competition states : states that pursue strategies to ensure long - term competitiveness in a globalized economy 

Tiger economies : Fast growing and export - oriented economies moddeld in Japan -> for example South - Korea, Taiwan and Singaport

What are examples of a developmental state?

- Japan, France
- Austria and Germany (economic development has been achieved through the construction of a 'partnership state'.

What is the aim of a social-democratic state?

Intervene with a view to bringing about social restructuring, in accordance with principles such as fairness, equality and social justice

What is the aim of Keynesian economic policies?

To manage and regulate capitalism with a view to promoting growth and maintaining full employment

What is the aim collectivized states?

Bring the entirety of economic life under control => collectivization means common ownership > private property

What do collectivized states do and what are good examples?

Bring the entirety of economic life under state control.
Example: orthodox communist countries (USSR).
Sought to abolish private enterprise altogether (common ownership over private property)

What the essence of totalitarianism?

An all-embracing state, the influence of which penetrates every aspect of human existence

What is the essence of totalitarianism?

The construction of an all-embracing state, the influence of which penetrates every aspect of human existence.
Everything under state control.
Examples: Hitlers germany, USSR.
Surveillance and terroristic policing + pervasive system of ideological manipulation and control.
They extinguish civil society and abolish the private sphere of life.

Goal is to dissolve individual identity.

What is the difference between totalitarian states and religious states?

Religious states see religious fundamentalism as the basis of politics and they reject the public/private divide

What have fundamentalist movements typically looked to do?

Seize control of the state and use it as an instrument of moral and spiritual regeneration.

What is a religious state?

A territorial political unit that serves to enact religious principles -> example: Islamic State

State religion : A religious body that is officially endorsed by the state, giving it special privileges , but (usually) not formal political authority

What is a difference between for example the Iranian model and the AKP rule (Turkey)?

Iranian model: religious state founded on the basis of religious principles, containing explicitly theocratic features (government by divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided).
AKP: religiously orientated government operating in a context that retains a commitment to constitutional secularism.

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