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What are the four critiques of Boxall and Prucell about HRM

- HRM covers all workforce groups, from core employees to peripheral employees, and contingent workers.
-  HRM involves line management as well, not only employees.
- HRM is about managing work and people, collectively and individually
-  HRM is embedded in industries and societies.

4 contract types in the exchange relationship

  1. Legal contract: rights and obligations of both parties (vacation days)
  2. Economic/ transactional contract: salary and working hours
  3. Psvchological contract: unwritten expectations, from both actors
  4. Sociological contract: social aspects in relations for example the bond with colleagues

What is the difference between core, peripheral and contingent employees?

Core employees are employees that work permanent in a company with a contract.

Peripheral and contingent employees work in a company temporary e.g. Cleaning team.
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How did HRM change over time: traditional to new HRM?

Within traditional HRM the focus was only on valuable employees.
New HRM: focus on the whole workforce.

What is the difference between the Anglo-American and Rhineland model regarding HRM?

The Anglo-American model focuses on value for shareholders in terms of market share and profit. (Hard HRM)

The Rhineland model focuses on other stakeholders as well, such as employees and are aware stakeholders influence the relationship between employees. (Soft HRM)

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