Human Resource Roles - Changing roles and expectations

3 important questions on Human Resource Roles - Changing roles and expectations

One of the models to describe the role of an HR manager is the model of Tyson '87. Tyson distinguishes three models:
- Clerk of works model
- Contract manager model
- Architect model

Describe above roles.

- Clerk of works model is a model in which personnel management is only an administrative support activity with no involvement on business planning.

- The contract manager model; HR is focused on institutional practices and problem solving.

- Architect model; an integrated system between line and HR managers.

Another model to distinguish expectancy in HR roles is the model of Caroll. He distinguished the HR roles into three types:
- Delegator
- Technical expert
- Innovator

Describe the above roles.

Delegator; line managers are primary implementers of HR systems.

Technical expert; specific HR skills are required

Innovator;  HR managers recommend new approaches in solving HRM-related problems such as productivity and abseteeism.

Storey and Ulrich also described the HR roles within an organization.

Roles storey:
- change makers
- Advisors
- Regulators
- Handmaiden

Roles Ulrich
- Change agents
- Strategic partner
- administrative expert
- employee champion

What are the differences and what are the similarities between these theories?

Story as well as Ulrich distinguished strategic vs tactic/operational roles. Both also have a change management role in it.
The advisors can overlap with strategic partner.
The regulators can overlap with employee champion
The handmaiden can overlap with the administrative expert.


Storey distinguished the HR roles based on two requirements:
- the extent to which the role is inventionary (vindingrijk)
- Strategic vs tactic choises

Ulrich distinguished the HR roles based on the following two requirements:
- Operational vs tactic
- people vs process oriented.

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