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Summary: Ws5 Free Movement Of Workers - Right Of Entry And To Reside (Article 45(1))

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Read the summary and the most important questions on WS5 Free Movement of Workers - Right of Entry and to Reside (Article 45(1))

  • 1 STEP 1: DEFINE the relevant treaty article and whether the individual falls within the definition of a 'worker'?

  • 1.1 Relevant treaty provisions - article 45

  • What does Article 45(1) TFEU guarantee workers of the EU?

    Article 45 guarantees the free movement of workers within the EU.
  • 2 STEP 2: What is a 'worker' under Article 45

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  • 2.1 Worker - 3 part test (Lawrie-Blum)

  • Although the TFEU does not define a 'worker', explain the three part-test in (Lawrie-Blum) which defines a 'worker'?

    • Perform services for another person
    • Under the control of that person
    • Receives remuneration
  • 2.2 Job-seekers

  • Does a person seeking work come within the definition of a 'worker' under art. 45? What did the ECJ rule in (ex p Antoniseen)?

    Art. 45 has been extended to include job-seekers.
  • Under Article 6(1) of the Directive 2004/38, how long can a Union citizen take up residence in another MS and are they expected to find employment or carry out the economic activity during this period?

    • All EU citizens have a right of residence of up to 3 months in other MSs
    • No need to carry out an economic activity during this period.
  • Under Article 14(4)(b) of the Directive 2004/38, can an EU citizen be deported whilst seeking employment?

    An EU citizen cannot be deported if they are still looking for work and have a genuine chance of getting it.
  • 2.3 Part-time workers

  • Explain the type of work that must be completed in order for part-time workers to be considered 'workers' (Levin)?

    The work is 'effective and genuine' and not 'marginal and ancillary'.
  • Explain why the part-time music teacher in (Kempf) qualified as a 'worker'? Did state benefits impact this?

    Kempf, a German national, was a part-time music teacher who applied for state benefits as his income was below subsistence level. The ECJ held Kempf was still a 'worker' even if his income was supplemented by other lawful means such as state benefits.
  • 2.4 Unpaid religious workers

  • Explain why the unpaid religious worker in (Steymann) was considered a 'worker' under Article 45?

    Facts: A German national was a member of a religious community in the Netherlands and carried out various unpaid activities.

    Judgement: the ECJ held that:

    • unpaid religious workers were 'workers' because they contributed to the community's economic activities
    • received benefits which acted as an 'indirect wage'.
  • 2.5 Working as part of a drug-rehabilitation programme is not work!

  • Explain why a drug addict undertaking therapeutic work as part of a drug-rehabilitation programme was not considered a 'worker' in (Bettray)?

    His work was part of the rehabilitation programme. The scheme was to benefit him and did not carry out 'genuine' economic activity.
  • 3 STEP 3: If an EU national, what rights can they exercise in terms of entry and residence in a MS (workers)

  • 3.1 Identify relevant primary legislation = Article 45

  • Explain what rights are included in art. 45(3) and is the EU national allowed to stay while working?

    • Includes rights to 'move freely within the territory of MSs'
    • Includes the right to 'stay' in a host state while working and 'remain' thereafter 
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 39 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.

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