Summary: Advanced Food Microbiology

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Advanced food microbiology

  • 1 Microbiological Food Safety

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  • Why is there almost no salmonella on eggs but has it a lot of deaths?

    Because it is eaten raw, there is no further processing and therefore the salmonella is not inactivated.
  • What are the prerequisites for safe food?

    Basic/common sense
    GMP (good manufacturing practice), GHP (good hygienic practice) and GLP (good laboratory practice)
  • What are the seven steps in HACCP?

    1. Hazerds
    2. CCPs
    3. limits 
    4. monitor
    5. corrective actions
    6. verification
    7. documentation
  • What is QRA and what part of the HACCP does it contain and how are they determont?

    Quantitative risk assessment, 
    1. hazards
    2. CCPs
    3. limits

    Can be determont globaly, specific or extensive. 
    And can be set by authorities
  • For what part of the HACCP is ISO and certification?

    ISO:international organization for standardization

    Is used for:
    5. corrective action
    6. verification
    7. documentation
  • What does this formula stand fore

    H(0): initional microorganisms pressent

    ∑R: some of reduction (washing, heating)

    ∑G: growth 

    ∑C: contamination
     FSO: food safety objective (cfu/g or prevalence)
  • What does ALOP stand for?

    Appropriate Level of Protection

    D/R, consumption, ethics, “distribution” of product groups
  • What does PO stand for?

    Performance Objective
    cfu/g or prevalence (%)

    “distribution” over phenomena (initial contamination, growth, inactivation, recontamination)    

    Limit witch industry should stay under
  • What is the difference between PO and FSO?

    PO: performance objective. 
    The limit which the industry should stay under.
    So growth and inactivation due to processing with the consumer still has to be taken into account.

    FSO: Food Safety Objective
    The limit which the food product with the consumer should stay under.
    Does take into account growth and inactivation.
  • What does PC stand for?

    Performance Criterion
    >6D inactivation, <3 logs growth

    quantitative microbiology, experiments, literature
    Process criterion 15s 71.5°C
    Product criterion pH<4.6

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