Summary: Biotechnologia Alimentaria

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Biotechnologia alimentaria

  • 1 biotechnologia

  • 1.1 Biotechnologia

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  • What is the traditional techniques of food biotechnology?

    fermentation, natural selecting and self selecting
  • Why is modern food technology implemented in the industry?

    • Improving food quality of the prime material like plants and animals
    • process and conservation of food (fermentation, probiotics enz)
    • Control and security of food (traceability, detection of toxic compounds enz)
  • 1.2 History of biotechnology

  • What happend before christ?

     Drying, fermenting (wine, beer), salting
  • What happend after christ till 19th century?

    smoking, slating, new products (coffee cocoa) super as preserver (jam)
  • What happend in the 19th century?

    People started to be more aware, they knew what they were doing. 
    Industrial revolution, lost of traditional character. 
    selecting microorganisms for fermentation. 
    Discovery of enzymes and better control over its processes. 
  • What happend in the 20th century?

    Biomass production
    Citric acid production. 
    Industrial microorganims, easier available enzymes 
    Structure of DNA is discovered and with this how proteins are made. 
  • 2 Technology, legalization and food safety

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  • What kind of sceme do you have for food safety control?

    Ciudadano con derechos: citizens rights. The control of the government.
  • How is control accomplished?

    • Implementation of legislation
    • notification of food allerts
    • sanitary inspection
    • staff training
    • development of safer processes development
    • research aimed at monitoring products
    • technology support
  • What are the notification levels?

    1. Alerts: immediate or serious risk. 
    2. Information: no serious risk or without national distribution 
    3. Rects: control of potentially dangerous goods. 
  • What is Regulation (EC) 852/2004

    Makes companies use HACCP

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