Methods of developmental psychology

18 important questions on Methods of developmental psychology

How do we call the principle that describes the variability of a characteristic for a group of people with the same amount time spent somewhere?

cohort effects

How do we call comparing a set of data of a group of ten year olds with a set of data of a group of ten years old 20 years later?

a cohort comparison

How do we call a research design that combines cross sectional design and longitudinal design to examine the development of individuals from different age cohorts

a sequential design
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How do we call an instrument used to measure in which extend a psychological attribute is present?

a psychological test

How do we call diary detailing an infant's development?

a baby-biography

How do we call an observational study that records an individual's behavior at frequent intervals over a period of time?

time sampling method

How do we call an observational method which records what happens throughout a particular event?

event sampling method

How do we call a method of combining observation and experimenting; observe a behavior, proceed to change the environment to see if the behavior still occurs and if it changes?

the clinical method, introduced by piaget

What do you do if you want to make a causal claim but for ethical or practical reasons it is impossible to use an experimental design?

  • sample systematically
  • use structured observation

What choices do you make if you want to choose a research design?

  1. cross-sectional, longitudinal or sequential
  2. experimental or observational

How do we call a study method in which the experimenter systematically controls the independent variable, and then the child's behavior (of the dependent variable) is observed?

structured observation

How do we call a task that is designed to elicit a behavior with a known neural basis, to see if the brain area lights up?

a marker task

How do we call a scalp recording with electrodes that measure activity of neurons?


How do we call an imaging method of the cortex by measuring blood flow to certain areas through a temporary radioactive substance injected?

positron emission tomography

How do we call an imaging method of the cortex by measuring blood flow through oxygen concentrations in different brain regions?

functional magnetic resonance imaging

How do we call data thats meaningful in the real world?

data thats ecological valid

How do we call the argument that watching aggressive behavior will reduce your own feelings of aggression?

the catharsis hypothesis

Which types of graphs are shown in developmental psychology?

  • continuous, increasing function
  • continuous, decreasing function
  • step- or stage-like, discontinuous function
  • upright U-shaped function
  • inverted U-shaped function

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