Summary: An Introduction To Medicinal Chemistry | 9780198749691 | Graham Patrick

Summary: An Introduction To Medicinal Chemistry | 9780198749691 | Graham Patrick Book cover image
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  • 1 Drug an drug targets: an overview

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  • What determines the dose level?

    The dose level determines whether a drug acts as a medicine or as a poison.
  • What is the therapeutic index?

    The therapeutic index measures a drug's beneficial effects at a low dose versus its harmful effects at a higher dose.
  • Wat voor lipiden zijn drug targets?

  • What indicates a high therapeutic index?

    A high therapeutic index indicates a large safety margin between beneficial and toxic doses.
  • What is selective toxicity?

    Selective toxicity is the principle of drugs showing toxicity against foreign cells but not against normal host cells.
  • Where act drugs?

    Drugs acts on targets located on the cell membrane or within the cells themselves.
  • What are drug targets?

    Drug targets are macromolecules that have a binding site into which the drug fits and binds.
  • How do drug normally bind?

    Drugs typically bind to their target with intermolecular bonds.
  • What interaction is between groups of opposide charges.

    The interaction between groups of opposide charges is electrostatic or ionic.
  • Between what are hydrogen bonds present?

    Hydrogen bonds are formed between an electron-rich heteroatom and electron-deficient hydrogen.

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