Baroque Outside Italy - Painting in France - The French Academy

4 important questions on Baroque Outside Italy - Painting in France - The French Academy

What was the French Academy

  • Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture (1648).
    • Royal Academy.
  • Goals:
    • Define standards to value and rank art.
    • Centralization arts production.
    • Serve political and economic interests King.
  • Invoked strict rules with Academic Art.
  • Artists had to learned the occupation by a critical doctrine and knowledge of literature, bible & history.
  • Members were highly respected artists.
  • Poussinistes and Rubénistes.

Describe the difference between Poussinistes and Rubénistes:

  • Poussinistes worked in the line of Nicolas Poussin.
    • Prototype for Classicism.
    • Clarity, order, logic.
    • Appeals to the mind (art for the mind).
    • More for experts & intellectuals.
  • Rubénistes followed the work of Peter Paul Rubens.
    • Charles le Brun.
    • Color over line.
    • Appeal to the senses and emotion.
    • Closer to nature: appealing to everyone.

What was Academic Art, according to the French Academy in the Baroque age.

  • Focus on theory.
  • Clear hierarchy of forms and genres.
  • strict guidelines on how to create.
  • Monopoly on the education of artists.
  • Classicism is the official style.
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During the Baroque age, the French Academy had a clear hierarchy of forms and genres. How was the Hierarchy os subjects:

  1. The Grand Genre: History painting.
  2. Portraits.
  3. Genre Painting.
  4. Landscapes.
  5. Animal Painting.
  6. Still lifes.

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