Post Modernism - Visual Arts - Deconstructing Art History

5 important questions on Post Modernism - Visual Arts - Deconstructing Art History

What can you tell about this CANON work?

  • The Dinner Party, by Judy Chicago.
  • Made in 1993.
  • Postmodernism, Feminist Art (Deconstructing art history).
  • One of the first iconic Feminist artwork.
  • Derrida's Postmodernist philosophy:
    • Revealing what's left unsaid.
  • Homage to ignored/underrated women in history books.
    • 39 plates for 39 ignored/underrated women in history.
  • Postmodernism:
    • Interest in minorities.
    • Eclecticism.
    • Fragmentation of subject.
  • In CANON:
    • Feminist art.

What is important about Linda Nochlin's (1931-2017) essay Why have there been no great Women Artists? (1971)?

  • Men, especially men of today can't be  blamed for the lack of female artists in art history.
  • It's not that the great female artists were left out of Art History, they simply didn't exist.
    • Mostly because an inequality of chances (great artists needed to study art etc.).
  • We need to change the chances for female artists to study and make great art + women need to step up.

With the deconstructing of Art History of people of Color, a lot is the same as with feminist art (Nochlin's essay), but there is one big difference. Can you tell which difference?

  • Not only are People of Color absent in Art History as artists, also in artworks themselves.
    • I.e., not many colored people depicted in artworks.
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What do you know about the Pictures Generation?

  • Postmodernist art movement.
    • Their critical analysis of media culture.
  • Work with second-hand images.
    • If originality is no longer possible (Derrida), than why try?
  • Examine strategies and codes of representatation.
  • Material:
    • Photography
      • Picture of a picture (death of the author). .
    • Film.
    • Paper.
  • Inspired by Baudrillard's essay on simulacrum.
    • I.e., images have lost connection with reality.
      • Can Photography claim to represent the truth?

What can you tell about this CANON work?

  • Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum, by the Guerrilla Girls.
  • Made in 1989.
  • Pictures Generation (meets Feminist Art).
    • Critical analysis of media culture.
    • Examine strategies and codes of representation.
  • Feminist art:
    • Questioning women's position.
  • Wearing gorilla masks --> Death of the Author (Author doesn't matter, the message matters).
  • Intertextuality, use art to comment to make their points.
  • Postmodernism:
    • Interrest in minorities.
    • Fragmentation of the subject.
    • Disappearing autonomy.

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