Baroque Outside Italy - Literature - Molière and the Baroque Stage

6 important questions on Baroque Outside Italy - Literature - Molière and the Baroque Stage

What is a proscenium arch?

An arch in a theatre that stands in front of the scene and divides the stage from the auditorium. First introduced in the 17th century.

How did a Baroque Stage in theatre look like.

  • Use of a proscenium arch.
  • Curtain that separates the audience from the actors.
  • plays were enacted on a box stage, which represented a room with a missing fourth wall.
  • Still the most popular stage in use.

Which big innovation in theatre happened during the 17th age Baroque?

Females assumed women's roles for the first time.
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Name the conventions of French Baroque Theatre.

  • Inspired by drama's of Greece and Rome.
  • Observed the three unities:
    • Unity of time.
    • Unity of place.
    • Unity of action.

What are the three unities of French Baroque Theatre?

  • The play's action had to be confined to a 24-hour period.
  • Place should be in a single setting.
  • Action must be unified in a single plot.

Who were the 3 great practitioners of the French Baroque theater and where were their plays about?

  • Pierre Corneille, who had themes of patriotism and honor.
  • Jean Racine, with plays about the moral dilemmas of the Greek tragedies.
  • Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (Molière), with the most accessible plays of satiric comedy.

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