Baroque Age - Baroque in Italy - The Counter-Reformation in Rome

3 important questions on Baroque Age - Baroque in Italy - The Counter-Reformation in Rome

What did the Catholic Church try to achieve with Baroque art?

They wanted art to be accessible and understandable for everyone. Baroque art was to make direct statements on religious subjects familiar to the common people.

What is the Council of Trent?

This was a council of important figures in the Roman Catholic Church that met three times between 1545 and 1563, where they decided to counter the Protestant threat.

Which recommendations came out of the Council of Trent (1545-1563)?

  • Not much theological change.
  • Rome is the only authority in interpretation of the Bible and religious matters.
    • Witch trials, censorship.
  • Church should renew interest in religion:
    • New forms of piety:
      • Experience and emotion more important than intellectual understanding.
    • Rome invests in the arts to stimulate religious experience.
    • Religious art should be easily understandable and accessible.
    • Realism.
    • Target the emotions of the audience.

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