Baroque in Italy - Architecture and Sculpture in Rome - Gianlorenzo Bernini

4 important questions on Baroque in Italy - Architecture and Sculpture in Rome - Gianlorenzo Bernini

Who was Gianlorenzo Bernini and when did he live?

Berinini (1598-1680) was an Italian architect and sculptor, who embodied the essence of Baroque art with his blending of classicism with extraordinary drama and emotion and abandoned Renaissance restrained.

What Did Bernini add to the St. Peter's Basilica?

  • He designed a colonnade in front of St. Peter's.
  • In two straight porticoes, the columns extend down a slight incline from the church facade and then swerve into enormous porticoes surrounding and embracing the open space of the piazza.
  • Bernini's colonnade forgone the mathematical forms of the Renaissance and uses more dynamic ellipse and trapezoid.
  • He placed an obelisk in the center of the oval plaza.

How does Bernini's sculpture of David differ from Michelangelo's version?

Michelangelo's David is more constrained. Bernini captured the moment right before David flings the stone, and gave David a pose and facial expression of tension that suggest the unmoving sculpture is really about to fling the stone.
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Which sculpture by Bernini is the most impressive one he created and when was it made?

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa (1645-52), is literally theatrical, for the chapel is arranged like a theater.

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