Eighteenth Century - Revolutions - The French Revolution

3 important questions on Eighteenth Century - Revolutions - The French Revolution

What is the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen"?

  • French 18th century (enlightenment inspired) document modeled on the American Declaration of Independence.
  • Assembled by the three estates: (clergy, aristocrats, and the bourgeouis middle class, of which the latter had not so much to say).

What was the French National Assembly?

  • Assembly by the bourgeois class that strived for a new French constitution.
  • Were instrumental in the French Revolution.
  • Changed the "Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen".

Why did the French Revolution happen?

  • 18th century French Kings (Louis 14-16) put France in a huge debt.
  • The National Assembly took over from the monarchy.
  • The king was reported to be in conclave with French' war enemies Austria and Prussia, that led to the abolishment of the French monarchy and the death of King Louis XVI.

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