Baroque in Italy - Painting in Italy - Caravaggio

4 important questions on Baroque in Italy - Painting in Italy - Caravaggio

Caravaggio established the major direction of painting in the Baroque age.
Where are we pointing to?

Having a strong contrast between light and dark, called tenebrism. The light, that points towards what the artist wants you to see, comes from above like a spotlight centring on an actor. However,  no obvious light source is shown.

When did Michelangelo Merisi (Caravaggio) live?


What is Caravaggio's most famous work?

Calling of St. Matthew (ca. 1599-1602).
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What do you know about this CANON work?

  • Calling of St. Matthew, by Caravaggio.
  • Painted ca.1599-1602.
  • Italian Baroque:
    • Counter Reformation, Council of Trent.
    • Art understandable for everyone.
    • Everyday setting.
    • Contemporary clothes.
    • Dramatized.
    • Tenebrism.
  • In CANON:
    • Italian Baroque, counter-reformation.
    • Tenebrism.

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