Renaissance in Northern Europe - Early Renaissance in Northern Europe

4 important questions on Renaissance in Northern Europe - Early Renaissance in Northern Europe

What significance do the voyages and land discoveries of Columbus, de Gama and others in the 15th century have in relation to Renaissance art?

The voyages led to the conquest and exploitation of native peoples of the Americas and Africa, which generated wealth for European courts. With the new wealth, European courts started spending more money on art.

What is the irony of Europe starting to exploit African slaves and destroying native Indian civilizations, during the Renaissance (14th trough 16th centuries)?

The Renaissance saw the emergence of Humanistic ideas (valuing the individual person) and anchored in religious morality. What Europeans did in Africa and America during this period is the total opposite of these ideas and beliefs.

Until the early fifteenth century, oil paint was only used on stone and metal, but not on wood panels.
What is the name of the substance that was used for painting on wood panels before and what were its limitations?

  • Egg Tempera was used.
  • The limitations of egg tempera is that the paint does not blend readily and is fairly opaque, which made it hard to achieve subtle modeling.
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What is egg tempera ?

Egg tempera is a paint mixture that consists of pigments mixed with egg yolks. It was used to paint on wood panels mainly until the fifteenth century.

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