Romanticism and Realism - Realism - The Rise of Photography

5 important questions on Romanticism and Realism - Realism - The Rise of Photography

Photography was invented simultaneously in England and France.
When and by whom?

  • 1839
  • England:
    • Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877)
  • France:
    • Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre (1787-1851).

Photography was seen as a great tool for Realism artists.

Realists strive for objective depictions of what truly happened. Being a product of a machine, photography was seen as purely objective, lacking subjective intervention of the artist.

Which painting genre rapidly declined in popularity for a while, due to the daguerreotype photo's?

The portrait. The photograph captured reality accurately and immediately, and was quicker, cheaper and easier and easier to use.
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Who was Eadweard Murybridge?

  • Eadweard Murybridge (1830-1904) was responsible for recording the first "motion picture" in 1872.
  • He lined up a series of camera's for the first recording of the muscular and physical movements of an animal in motion.
    • Fun fact: Murybridge was hire to do this by former governor of California, Leland Standford, to win a bet with a friend, in which he claimed that a horse at one point has all four feet of the ground when running.

Who was Alfred Stieglitz?

  • Alfred Stieglitz was an American photographer, who captured the hustle, streets and skylines of the early modern era.
  • He is the maker of the classic photograph, Winter, Fifth Avenue (1893).
  • Besides being a photographer, Stieglitz is the person most responsible for introducing European avant-garde art in the United-States.

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