Impressionism and Post-Impressionism - Impressionism - Literature

3 important questions on Impressionism and Post-Impressionism - Impressionism - Literature

In 19th century's literature, two movements were predominant. Which two movements are we talking about and what is the difference between them?

  • The two movements were Symbolism and Naturalism.
  • Symoblists, like Impressionist art, did not care about realism or everyday life and wrote with vague symbolic suggestions. Naturalists wrote about concerns of  ordinary middle-class people, with psychological realism.

What can you tell about Symbolist Poetry?

  • The poetry form of Impressionism.
  • Didn't care about realism or reality; they saw it as a personal affair.
  • Preferred vague symbolic suggestions over precise rendering of experience.
  • Uses images that fuse the senses.
  • Tried to make the verses musical.

Which two great poets from the 19th century are associated with the Symbolist movement?

  • Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).
  • Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898).

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