Baroque Age - Baroque in Italy - Thirty Years' War

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To what do we refer to as the Thirty Years' War and when did it take place?

The Thirty Years' War refers to a thirty-year period from 1618-1648, where a series of wars raged throughout central Europe.

What event caused the Thirty Years' War?

The Peace of Augsburg (1555), that ended violence between German Lutherans and Catholics, became frayed and tensions rose in whole of Europe.

What was the impact of the outcome of the Thirty Years' War on the countries involved?

  • One third of the German population had died.
  • Spain declined both politically and military.
  • Portugal declared its independence from Spain in 1640.
  • With all the other prominent states in decline, France grew in power.
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What were the effects (not country related) of the Thirty Years' war?
Name 3:

  • It ended the age of mercenaries.
  • it ended the era of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • It inaugurated a new era in which sovereign nation states controlled politics and diplomacy in Europe.

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