Microbial Metabolism - Respiration: Electron Carriers

10 important questions on Microbial Metabolism - Respiration: Electron Carriers

What is the respiratory chain?

The respiratory chain is the electron transfer system.

Where does electron transport reactions occur?

In membranes; the cytoplasmic membrane in prokaryotic cells

Which carriers are included in the participation of electron transport? Name 5.

  1. NADH dehydrogenases
  2. Flavoproteins
  3. Iron-sulfur proteins
  4. Cytochromes
  5. Quinones (nonprotein)
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How are the carriers arranged in the membrane?

In order of increasingly more positive

Which protein and nonprotein carrier accept 2e- + 2H+, but only donates electrons?

Flavoprotein and quinone (nonprotein)

Which two carriers do quinones typically link?

Iron-sulfur protein and cytochrome

Why can quinones move about within the membrane?

Because quinones are small and hydrophobic

Which molecule does NADH dehydrogenase bind and which molecules does it pass on?

NADH dehydrogenase binds NADH and passes on 2e- + 2H+ to a flavoprotein

Which carrier contains heme prosthetic groups?


Which protein carrier contains prosthetic groups made up of iron and sulfur atoms?

Iron-sulfur protein

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