Predictive Analytics II: Text, Web, and Social Media Analytics

4 important questions on Predictive Analytics II: Text, Web, and Social Media Analytics

How can text mining be used in security and counter terrorism?

By identifying the content of telephone calls, faxes, emails, intercepting data from satellites,...
By deception detection: prediction models to differentiate deceptive statements from truthful ones

What are some promising text mining applications in biomedicine?

assist in interpretation of vast amount of data in the context of previously known information about biological entities
Location prediction of a protein in a cell
Extract disease-gene relationships from literature accessed via MEDLINE

What is sentiment analysis?

also "Opinion mining" is trying to answer the question "What do people feel about a certain topic?" by digging into opinions of may using a variety of automated tools.
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What are the 2 common methods for polarity identification? Explain.

Using a Lexicon: using a lexicon as a reference model. WordNet
Using a Collection of Training Document: as a source of knowledge about the polarity terms within a specific domain

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