Predictive Analytics II: Text, Web, and Social Media Analytics - Search Engines

4 important questions on Predictive Analytics II: Text, Web, and Social Media Analytics - Search Engines

What is a search engine? Why are they important for today's business?

a search engine is a software program that searches for docs, (interneysites or files), based on keywords (individual words, multiterm words, or a complete sentence) users have to provide, that have to do with the subject of the inquiry.
Important to find what you want in today's complex www. It is used for a variety of reasons; to learn about a product,...

What is a Web crawler? What is it used for? How does it work?

A Web crawler is a piece of software that systematically browses the www for the purpose of finding and fetching Web pages. It copies all the pages the visit for later processing by other functions of a search engine. It starts wit a list of URLs to visit (seeds), submissions made by Webmasters fo grom internal hyperlinks of previously crawled pages..

What is "search engine optimization?" Who benefits from it?

Is the intentional activity of affecting the visibility of an e-commerce site or a Web site in a search engine's natural (unpaid of organic) search results.
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What things can help Web pages rank higher in the search engine results?

Cross-linking between pages of the same Web site
Writing content that includes frequently searched keywords
Updating content
Adding relevant keywords

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