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Summary: Ccnp Enterprise Advanced Routing Enarsi 300-410 Official Cert Guide | 9780135262078 | Raymond Lacoste, et al

Summary: Ccnp Enterprise Advanced Routing Enarsi 300-410 Official Cert Guide | 9780135262078 | Raymond Lacoste, et al Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on CCNP Enterprise Advanced Routing ENARSI 300-410 Official Cert Guide | 9780135262078 | Raymond Lacoste; Bradley Edgeworth

  • 0.1.1 IP addressing and Routing Review

  • What is a mnemonic for the IPv4 DHCP process?

  • What is the Prefix Length?

    It is the number of bits in an IP address used for the subnet mask. has a Prefix Length of 8.
  • 0.1.2 EIGRP

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  • In EIGRP, how can an interface be configured to participate in the EIGRP process without it sending/receiving Hello packets and forming adjacencies?

    In Router EIGRP configuration mode use the command:
    Passive-Interface Gigabitethernet 1/0
  • In EIGRP, when is a summarized route advertised to neighboring routers.

    1. A summarized route in EIGRP will only be advertised when there is at least one prefix in the routing table that falls within the summary route.

    2. It is configured on an interface-by-interface basis and can be configured on every interface.
  • What will happen when an EIGRP router is configured with the command: EIGRP Stub?

    1. It will only advertise connected and summary routes.
    2. All neighboring routers will not send queries to this router.
  • What is important to note about Interface ACLs and EIGRP packets.

    Only Inbound ACLs affect EIGRP packets.
    Outbound ACLs do NOT affect EIGRP packets.
  • What would be the best way to filter EIGRPv6 routing updates in a specific manner?

    To configure a prefix list that matches the prefixes you want to filter and use Distribute List to apply the filter.
  • In EIGRP, what does the Leak-Map option add when creating a summary route?

    It adds the possibility of routes matching the route-map in the leak map option to be advertised alongside the summary route.
  • What routes are advertised by an EIGRP Stub Router?

    Only Connected and Summary routes by default.
    Can be configured to only receive routes or advertise any combination of redistributed routed, connected routes and summary routes.
  • What are EIGRP K Values?

    It are the values used in EIGRP Metric calculation. 
    Can be changed with the command 'metric weights TOS K1 k2 k3 k4 k5 k6'
    TOS is always zero and K6 is used for EIGRP Named configuration.
    The values are part of the Hello packet as they do have to match between neighbors.

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