Summary: Climate Change Ecology

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Climate Change Ecology

  • 2 Climate System and Climate Change

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  • What are the dynamic elements?

    - hydrology
    - movement of gasses (water vapor)
  • What consists land surface of?

    - Consist of vegetation, soil and rock, human structure and ice
  • What do light surfaces do?

    - reflect sunlight back into space in wavelengths not trapped by greenhouse gasses 
    - have a cooling effect
  • What do dark surfaces do?

    - absorb solar energy and reradiate it as heat that may be trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
  • What is a positive feedback loop in the climate system?

    - Increase in average global temperature -> reduce the area of ice and snow by melting -> reducing resultant refelctivity of the planet -> warms further
  • What is the hydrolic cycle?

    - evaporating rom the oceans, condensing as clouds and then raining out over land to form fresh water that flows to the sea
    - Increasing temperature accelerates this cycle
  • What were major climate changes associated with?

    The periodic formation of supercontinents, glacial episodes and volcanism
  • What happens during cold climates?

    - There is polar ice and ice on land + the average temperature is low
    - low CO2 levels
  • What happens during warm climates?

    - There is no ice and less polar ice
    - high CO2 levels in the atmosphere
  • What is the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum?

    Longer warmer period after PETM

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