Australia - The Growing Environment & Grape Growing - Climate & Geography

5 important questions on Australia - The Growing Environment & Grape Growing - Climate & Geography

In Australia, the altitude factor is important, which 3 major mountain ranges are influencing the climate and weather?

  1. Darling Scarp (Western Australia)
  2. Mount Lofty Ranges (South Australia)
  3. The Great Dividing Range (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria) - bottom is Yarra Valley

Ocean meets Desert would it be if it wasn't for the oceans

Altitude is important in Australia. What is the highest height above sea level of the mountain ranges and how does it impact the temperature?

  • Highest region is 1000-1200m
  • increase of 100m is a decrease of 0,65 Celsius in temperature.

In Australia, which regions do have a continental climate?

  • Clare Valley
  • Eden Valley
  • Parts of Great Southern
  • Yarra Valley
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In Australia, which 4 regions are near the coast, where the Maritime climate has a narrower range of temperatures and rainfall is spread more evenly throughout the year?

  • Adelaide hills
  • Coonawarra
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Tasmania

Mediterranean climate in Australia is similar to maritime climates but summers tend to be warm and dry. There is less temperature variation between the hottest and coldest months. Name some regions where this climate is applicable.

  • Barossa Valley
  • McLaren Vale
  • Margaret River

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