Australia - Victoria - The Port Philip Zone

4 important questions on Australia - Victoria - The Port Philip Zone

What can you tell about the climate conditions of Port Phillip Zone (Victoria, Australia)?

  • Area around Melbourne
  • Coast of Port Phillip Bay
  • Close to sea gives moderating climate, cools the growing season
  • Altitude also has a cooling effect
  • Suitable for early ripening varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Describe the growing environment and issues of Yarra Valley (Victoria, Australia)

  • Inland
  • Cool to moderate climate
  • Variation due to altitude (50-350m)
  • split in Upper (cooler, loamy clay, low fertility soil) and
  • Lower Yarra Valley (warmer, deeper, fertile volcanic soil, well drained)
  • Frost can be issue in the valley.
  • Rainfall high: 1100mm annually, it is the wettest wine region of Australia.
  • Issues: high humidity, fungal disease
  • In Lower valley, irrigation needed.
  • Upper, dry farming

Describe the grapes, growing options and vinification of Yarra Valley (Victoria, Australia)

  • 2/3 is black varieties
  • Pinot Noir 50% of these:
    • light, medium bodied
    • Higher up: lighter wines, cooler conditions
    • New and used oak vessels
  • Chardonnay: 25% of the plantings:
    • Typical aromas: white peach, grapefruit and melon
    • First region to change to lighter leaner style Chardonnay (old oak, MLF)
    • High acidity, more fruit
    • New and used oak vessels (large)
    • solids with fermentation
    • some lees contact
    • MLF often avoided
  • Good/outstanding, mid-to medium priced
  • In lower warmer parts: Shiraz (fresh black fruit) and Cabernet Sauvignon (herbal)
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What was first discovered in Geelong (Victoria, Australia)?

Phylloxera end of 1800s
Vineyards restablished since 1960s

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