Bordeaux - Key Appellations, Wine Law and Regulations

8 important questions on Bordeaux - Key Appellations, Wine Law and Regulations

Together Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux Supérieur AOC produce 50% of the regions wines. How is the yield per ha, which varieties are mostly used and in which price range?

  • red: 60 hl/ha
  • rosé: 62 hl/ha
  • white 65 hl/ha

Bordeaux Supérior:
  • red: 59 hl/ha

Together 50% of all wine produced in Brdx
Red mainly Merlot
  • medium intensity red fruit
  • high acidity
  • medium (+) tannins
  • medium body and alc
White mainly SB
  • med intensity
  • gooseberry and lemon
  • medium body and alc
  • high acidity

inexpensive-mid priced

Sauternes AOC and Barsac AOC

  • Southern part of Graves
  • botrytis affected
  • Semillon 80% plantings, SB and little Muscadelle
  • Cooler river Ciron meets warmer Garonne river >
    • morning mists > botrytis
    • mists leave middle of the day
    • sunny afternoon > drying grapes > avoids grey rot
  • Sauternes largest sweet wine appellation > 50% of production
  • Commune Barsac > Barsac AOC or Sauternes AOC allowed on label
  • Yields max 25 hl/ha > often much less
  • Citrus peel, honey, mango, vanilla, full bodied, high alc, med-m/+ acidity, sweet finish
  • good-outstanding
  • middle-(super) premium priced
  • crisis > demand decreases past 30 years> more dry wines made

What are the main grape varieties, for white and red wines, used in the generic appellations of Bordeaux?

Red: merlot
White: sauvignon blanc
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Describe the wine and location of Médoc vs Haut-Médoc in Bordeaux

  • Left bank of the Gironde, north of Bordeaux town
  • Red only, 55 hl/ha
  • sold for consumption mid-June after harvest
  • Médoc northern part, equal Merlot - CS
  • Haut-Médoc, closer to Brdx and includes the individual communes. Warmer, more gravel > CS 50%, M 44%

Médoc and Haut Médoc AOC, produce what style of wine?

  • Red only
  • Mainly planted with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Max 55hl/ha
  • Wide range of prices and quality levels

Where is Entre-Deux-Mers AOC located and what style of wines does it produce?

  • Only white wines
  • It's the second largest appellation in Bordeaux.
  • Between rivers Dordogne and Garonne
  • red: Bordeaux or B sup AOC
  • max 65 hl/ha > wines of low flavour intensity
  • acceptable-good
  • inexpensive-midpriced

When was Côtes de Bordeaux AOC created, for whom and for which style of wines?

  • Created in 2009
  • Red and white
  • Right bank only
  • name commune before the AOC for number of communes
    • e.g. Blaye , Cadillac, Castillon, Francs CdB
  • red 55 hl/ha, 52 hl/ha when commune name on label

Is Côtes de Bourg AOC part of Côtes de Bordeaux?

  • No but it is similar to Cts de Bordeaux
  • Merlot is dominant
  • style/prices similar to Médoc AOC
  • Focus on Malbec > 10 % of plantings = highest in Bordeaux

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