Bordeaux - Appelations: Wine Law & Regulations - Right Bank Red Wine Appellations

5 important questions on Bordeaux - Appelations: Wine Law & Regulations - Right Bank Red Wine Appellations

Characterise (the wines)of the Right Bank of Bordeaux. Which grapes are dominant?

Red wines
Many small estates

Merlot dominant due to cool, clay soils
Then CF and some CS

What do Saint-Émilion AOC vs Saint-Émilion Grand Cru AOC have in common, and what is different?

In common:
  • Same area
  • Red wine only
  • Merlot dominant 60%, CF next

  • AOC 53 hl/ha vs Grand cru 46 hl/ha
  • AOC 6 months min maturation vs Grand cru 20 months
  • Has own classification system:
    • fruity and early drinking simple wines,
    • plus top wines comparable with first growths of 1855 classification:
      • here red and black plum, vanilla, clove, full body, m+/high acidity and m+/high alcohol and tannins
      • fruit-acidity-tannins > ageing potential

Where are the Saint-Émilion satellites based and which 4 are these?

  • Close to Saint-Émilion, but further from Dordogne river
  • Same rules als Saint-Émilion
  • Four AOC's, two largest:
    • Montagne Saint-Émilion AOC
    • Lussac-Saint-Émilion AOC
    • Puisseguin
    • Saint Georges
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Describe the wines and growing environment of Pomerol AOC on the Right Bank of Bordeaux.

  • Very prestigious appellation
  • Red only
  • mainly Merlot 80%) , followed by CF
  • Max yield 49 hl/ha
  • no classification system, but some properties with highest reputation (e.g. Petrus, Le Pin)
  • small properties (Petrus < 12 ha vs left bank 80-100 ha)
    • high priced super-super premium
  • pronounced red and black fruit, vanilla, full body, high alcohol, m/+ - high acidity, med/+ - high tannins.
  • high fruit, acidity and tannins > can age for years in bottle

Where is Lalande de Pomerol AOC and what is the difference with Pomerol?

  • Larger satellite
  • slightly higher yields than Pomerol AOC

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