Greece - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing

4 important questions on Greece - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing

What is the latitude for Greece? What is the climate?

  • 34-42NB
  • Mediterranean climate- hot summers, mild winters
  • Inland continental, hot temperatures
  • Towards the coast, the sea is a moderating factor

Describe the soils of Greece

  • Mainland: from limestone to volcanic soils
  • Low fertility for grape vines ideal for quality wines
  • Usually pool soils

How much plantings are there in Greece? What is the viticulture?

  • 62.000ha for wine, rest for table grapes
  • small vineyards (av 0,5ha)
  • mostly worked by hand
  • Hot and dry conditions; perfect for organic and biodynamic viticulture
  • Majority trellised; cordon its VSP
  • Santorini: baskets; high winds, low rainfall
  • Irrigaton is permitted (drip irrigation)
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What is a distinctive aspect of Greek viticulture?

  • Large number (90%) of indigenous varieties; 200+ in total
  • 60 are grown significantly
  • International varieties since the 1980s - (EU 1981); foreign consumer pleasing. (CS, Merlot)

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