Austria - Regions - Burgenland

3 important questions on Austria - Regions - Burgenland

Burgenland is one of the flattest and warmest areas in Austria, where is it located and what is special about its wines?

  • 3 main regions; Neusiedlersee, Leithaberg, Mittelburgenland
  • On the border with Hungary, along Neusiedlersee, Pannonian plain -> warm air
  • Was part of Hungary until 1921.
  • Flattest and warmest area of Austria, 2000 sunhours
  • 55% black varieties; Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch. all styles.
  • Most planted whites: GV and Welschriesling, not same GV quality levels as it is too warm.
  • Welschriesling for botrytis wines (outstanding).

Describe DAC Leithaberg and its wines.

  • West of Neusiedlersee
  • Ausbruch produced in town of Rust, west shores of Neusiedlersee - high humidity, fog give a very sweet TBA style.
  • To the west, less humidity and more black varieties; Blaufränkisch 20%.
  • Leithaberg Hill - > provides diurnal range - > high level of acidity.
  • DAC for both red and white wines;
    • DAC for red: minimum 85% Blaufränkisch, must be aged in oak. Very good to outstanding.
    • DAC white: single or blend from Weissburgunder, Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner or Neuburger. Good to very good.

Where is Mittelburgenland located, which DACs can be found here, and style of wines?

  • South of Leithaberg. Pannonian plain, warm. Blaufränkisch doing very well, >50%
  • 3 DAC styles: all with minimum of 85% Blaufränkisch
    • DAC; aged in RVS or large oak casks
    • DAC + vineyard destination; slightly higher min. % abv, large oak or barriques
    • DAC reserve; higher min % abv, longer min. time maturing, and in large oak or barriques. Full bodied, pronounced aromas, very good to outstanding.

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