Wine Regions - Cuyo GI - Mendoza Province

3 important questions on Wine Regions - Cuyo GI - Mendoza Province

Describe the province of Mendoza

  • The largest producing province, 75% of total vineyard area, 70% of production.
  • Mainly in valley of river Mendoza, but extending to foothills of the Andes
  • from 500m to 1500m (Uco Valley) above sea level
  • 60% black varieties, dominated by Malbec (30+%)
  • Only two DOCs, and a lot of GIs (GI Cuyo covers the whole area).
  • 5 separate divisions, each own distinct character:
    1. Northern - low altitude 500-700m
    2. Eastern - low altitude
    3. Central: the Primera Zona
    4. Uco Valley
    5. Southern

North and Eastern Mendoza are at low altitude. Where and how high? Which style of wine is produced?

  • On the plains of Mendoza river valley
  • 500-700m
  • warmer, enough water for irrigation
  • Inexpensive wines, large volumes

In Southern Mendoza, which is the other DOC beside Lujan de Cuyo?

  • San Rafael -grapes mostly for blends
  • The signature grape is Chenin Blanc!

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