Côte d'Or, Côte Challoinnaise & Maconnais - The Growing environment and grape growing - Climate

8 important questions on Côte d'Or, Côte Challoinnaise & Maconnais - The Growing environment and grape growing - Climate

What is the climate in the Côte d'Or, Côte Chalonnaise and Mâcconais?

The climate is moderate continental with cold winters and warm summers

By what is the climate moderated in the Côte d'Or?

The Côte d'Or is protected by the Morvan hills to the west

Riping Pinot Noir is a precarious business in a cool vintage and can result in under-ripe tannins in the finished wines. Where do vine growers in the Côte d'Or focus on?

Promoting the ripeness of skins and pips is a priority for growers of Pinot Noir in Burgundy.
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What factors influence the potential quality of individual sites?

Aspect - welk onderdeel
Altitude - hoogte
Degree of slope -Heilingsgraad hoe stijl is de helling
Soil - bodem

Why are spring frosts in Burgundy a significant problem?

Spring frosts are a significant problem and may substantially reduce yields if they occur after budburst, particularly  because both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are early budding grape varieties.

When can hail be problem in Burgundy and why?

  • Hail can be a problem throughout the growing season - April/ May
  • --> it can damage the growth of the vine and this can lead to reduced yields or even in extreme cases total loss of the crop 2012-2015 Volnay & Pommard
  • 2013 tiny yield due to hail  
  • Hail later in the season can lead to fruit damage particularly outer parts of VSP trained vines --> risk of grey rot   

What can they do in Burgundy to protect the vineyards of hail

  1. Anti hail netting permitted since 2018
  2. To seed thunderclouds with silver iodide

Rain can be a problem in Burgundy when it falls at the wrong time.  When can rain be a hazard?

  • Early in the growing cycle it can disrupt budburst, flowering and fruit set, lowering yields and leading to uneven ripening
  • Extended periods in the growing season can lead to threat and fungal diseases
  • Too much  rain just before harvest can lead to dilution and rot 

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