Trentino-Alto Adige - Trentino - Local Varieties

5 important questions on Trentino-Alto Adige - Trentino - Local Varieties

25% is black varieties in Trentino, which three are these local varieties?


Teroldego is a black grape variety, from which area? How was it trained and what are its characteristics?

  • Most common black in Trentino
  • Black cherry
  • Historically trained on pergolas for high yields.
  • Quality minded growers now using Guyot. It can suffer from drying out of stems but is less susceptible to mildews than the other two varieties.
  • The best clones are 145 and 152 for intense aromas.
  • The best quality wines come from the Teroldego Rotaliano DOC on sandy and gravelly soils in the far north of Trentino.
  • Outside Teroldego Rotaliano DOC, Teroldego cannot be bottled as Trentino DOC but as Vini delle Dolomiti IGT (which includes wines from both Trentino and Alto-Adige).

Marzemino is a grape variety from Italy, in which region and what are the characteristics?

  • From Trentino region in North-East part
  • Red cherry
  • This black variety is prone to botrytis bunch rot and powdery mildew.
  • Older vines were usually trained on pergolas; newer lower-yielding clones have been trained as spurred cordons.
  • The best, ripest, wines come from the Ziresi subzone of the Trentino DOC due to full sun exposure and rich calcareous/clay and basalt soils
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Lagrein is found in which region(s) of Italy? What are the characteristics?

  • Trentino & Alto Adige
  • ripe berry fruit
  • This variety needs a warm site with plenty of sunshine to ripen fully.
  • It can be subject to poor fruit set and thus low yields.
  • Bitterness and some harshness on the finish is being addressed by shorter maceration times and oak ageing.
  • Because of its deep colour, the variety is also used for rosés.
  • The wines can be labelled in either Italian or German as ‘red’ and ‘rosé’: Lagrein rubino/dunkel and Lagrein rosato/kretzer.

Vino Santo, not Vin Santo, is a wine from which region of Italy. Describe the grape variety and the characteristics.

  • Made from the white variety Nosiola grown in the Valley of the Lakes (Garda) in Trentino, the warmest area with a sub-continental climate.
  • It produces a small volume of distinctive white wines with a light hazelnut flavour.
  • It is also made in a semi-dried fruit version, called Vino Santo (not Vin Santo). The hazelnut flavour is from the fruit, not from oak.
  • It is vulnerable to spring frosts, powdery mildew and sour rot.
  • The dry wine is mid-priced, the Vino Santo premium priced.

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