North-East Italy - Trentino-Alto Adige - Trentino

5 important questions on North-East Italy - Trentino-Alto Adige - Trentino

What type of wines are produced in Trentino and by whom?

Mainly white wines 75%
Some red
80% by coops

Describe the climate of Trentino, Italy. What is the influence on the style of wines?

  • A moderate, continental climate but with cooling influences.
  • Daytime summer temperatures can be high due to the mountains providing protection from cold north winds
  • the moderating presence of Lake Garda to the south and heat building up on the valley floor during the growing season.
  • large day/night temperature differences due to cold air descending from the mountains (Alps) at night.

This enables grapes to retain acidity and prolongs the growing season, allowing flavours to intensify. Vineyards on higher and steeper slopes require working by hand, including harvesting.

What are the main white grape varieties of Trentino, covering 50% of the plantings?

Pinot Grigio
(high yields 100hl/ha)
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Two styles of red wines are made in Trentino, Italy. Which are these?

  1. Most, fresh and fruity; stainless steel or short old, neutral casks
  2. Premium wines, small amount, longer maceration and small/new oak ageing

Production of Trentino wine is dominated by who and for which percentage?

  • By cooperations for 80% at least
  • Cavit is the largest, 60% of all wines in Trentino (consortium of 10 coops)

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