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6 important questions on Beaujolais - Appelations; Wine law & Regulations - Beaujolais Crus

In the northern part of Beaujolais you'll find the 10 Crus AOCs for red wines only. What are their sizes? Name the two largest and the ones that make particular styles of wine.

  • They range in size from 250–1,300 ha.
  • Two of the crus, Brouilly and Morgon, are significantly larger.

Own style:
  • Brouilly AOC
  • Chiroubles AOC
  • Fleurie AOC
  • Moulin-à-Vent AOC
  • Morgon AOC

The other crus are Saint-Amour AOC, Juliénas AOC, Régnié AOC, Côte de Brouilly AOC and Chénas AOC.

Describe the wine style of Moulin a Vent, cru Beaujolais

This appellation produces the most powerful and long-lived wines,
closer in style to Côte d’Or red wines than to most other Beaujolais.
It has more clay in the soils.

Describe the wine style of Fleurie, cru Beaujolais

The southern part of this cru has sandy soils producing lighter and more fragrant wine (which is the reputation of the appellation), while towards the north, next to Moulin-à-Vent where the soils have more clay, the wines become heavier, have lower acidity
and are more full-bodied.
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Describe the wine style of Chiroubles cru Beaujolais.

This is the cru at the highest altitude that produces lighter and fragrant wines with marked acidity.

Morgon is one of the two largest crus in Beaujolais. What style of wines does it produce?

Morgon includes wines from fruit grown on the south-facing Côte de Py vineyard, part of appellation, that tend to have pronounced intensity black cherry fruit alongside red fruit, and sufficient tannins to age for a decade in bottle.

Brouilly is one of the larger Crus in Beaujolais. What style of wines does Brouilly produce and why?

It is the most southern and marginally warmer area, producing wines in a lighter, more perfumed style

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