Summary: Flights Safety Fsim

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Flights Safety FSIM

  • 1 Organization and responsibilities

  • 1.3 Crew Duties and responsibilities

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  • Who is at all times responsible for the aircraft and its occupants?

    The commander
  • In the event of incapacitation of the nominated SCA, succession of command of the cabin crew is ?

    1. the SCA with the highest seniority 
    2. CA with the highest seniority
  • 1.4 Cabin crew

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  • During ground operation at least how many required cabin crew is required for every pair of doors?

  • 1.5 Qualification Requirements

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  • During an observation flight what are the rules regarding the uniform during taxi, take off and landing? (for new- entrant KLC cabin crew)?

    • The uniform shall be properly disguised when seated in the cabin
    • A distinctive badge shall be worn during all other phases of flight (trainee or observer)

    The reason is that passengers may think that these people are cabin crew
  • 1.6 Crew Health

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  • Name 4 crew health precautions

    - Do not consume alcoholic beverages within 10 hrs
    - Excessive use of alcohol within 24 hrs is not allowed 
    - Use of party and soft drugs are prohibited 
    - Crew members shall not take any prescription or non prescription or non prescription medication or drug or undergo any treatment
    - With No-decompression: an interval of 24hrs is required
    - Scuba dives requiring decopression stops: a 24/48 hour surface interval is required before the flight
  • Name 2 rules regarding consuming alcohol

    1.Excessive use of alcohol is not allowed within 24 hrs prior to commencement of a duty or standby period
    2.There must be no condition of metal and/or behavioral disorders due to the problematic or excessive use of alcohol
  • Name the rule regarding blood donation

    A crew member may not perform duties on an airplane following blood donation unless a time period of 48 hours has elapsed
  • Mental and physical fitness.  A Crew member shall not perform any flying duties and should consult with the commander or SCA in case of :

    1. Inability to accomplish the assigned duties
    2. Doubt their condition or diagnosis may endanger the flight 
    3. Doubt about the condition of one of their colleagues
  • how long can the (side)effects of some drugs continue?

    Side effects of some drugs can continue for a long time and may last up to far more that 24-48 hours
  • Name regulations regarding FREE diving without scuba and shallow water

    No surface interval is required

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