The Policy Cycle - Theories of Policy-Making - Groupthink

3 important questions on The Policy Cycle - Theories of Policy-Making - Groupthink

Under what circumstances occurs groupthink?

  • Cohesive group
  • Structural organisational faults result in a homogenous group
  • Provocative context causes stress and low self-esteem of members

What is tunnel-vision of a group?

Members of the group are no longer able (forced by the group) to think critically about the dominant option

What are the 5 measures to combat groupthink?

  • Promote leadership
  • Avoid homogeneity of member's properties (no debate)
  • Embed group in the organization
  • Obligatory reporting
  • Evaluation of procedures
  • Protect dissenters (andersdenkenden)
  • Appoint advocates of the devil and protect them

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