Non-Gonvermental Organisations - Influence

4 important questions on Non-Gonvermental Organisations - Influence

Why is the influence of NGOs rising?

  • Changing political situation in Europe (restructuring welfare state, replacement of communist regime)
  • Globalization process (with the tendency towards multi-actor governance)

Why did the replacement of the communist regimes resulted in growth of NGOs?

NGOs try to take over tasks from the state

According to NGOs, international treaties and organisations focus too much on the interests of capitalist enteprises. What is the reaction on this from NGOs?

NGOs concentrate on other topics like humanitarian issues, developmental aid, and sustainable development
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Why are NGOs influential?

  • Scale: many NGOs that spent a lot
  • Able to reach poor people and disaster areas soon
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Represent people with strong needs
  • Seen as independent parties

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