Policy and Science Advising - Governance, government and policy

4 important questions on Policy and Science Advising - Governance, government and policy

Which parties play a key role in societal decision-making?

  • Political system
  • Province
  • Municipality
  • Social partners (FNV)
  • NGOs (WWF, OXFAM, Cancer foundation)
  • Large secretorial organisations (agriculture association, tourist society)
  • Small civil society groups (local protest groups)

Describe the Trias Politica, the principle where the political system is based upon

  • Legislative Power (staten-generaal: controls the ministers)
  • Executive Power (cabinet, council of ministers)
  • Judical Power (court)
  • 4th Power (ambtenaren)
  • 5th Power (science)

What are the 4 characteristics of governance?

  • Interdependence of state and non-state actors
  • Continuing interactions between actors, caused by need of exchanging resources
  • Rules of the game: which regulate interactions, are rooted in trust between participants
  • Degree of autonomy from the state. Networks are not dependent on the state
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What are the 5 principles for good governance?

  • Openness (communicating the general public)
  • Participation (by citizens in all policy problems)
  • Accountability (verdeeld over EU instituten)
  • Effectiveness (in achieving goals and objectives)
  • Coherence (among institutions and policies)

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