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  • 1 What is animal breeding?

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  • What is selective breeding?

    Only use males and females for breeding that have passed a certain quality criterion
  • What is the predefined goal of animal breeding?

    To genetically improve the population in a certain direction
  • What is a good definition of animal breeding?

    Animal breeding involes the selective breeding of domestic animals with the intention to improve desirable (and heritable) qualties in the next generation
  • What is a trait?

    A distinguishing phenotypic charasteristic, typically belonging to an individual.
  • What is a phenotype?

    That what you observe or measure on the animal for a certain trait
  • What are the prerequisites for domestication?

    1 - The animals should be able to adaopt to the type of feed they are offered by humans. This may be different from what they were used to in the wild
    2 - Animal must be able to survive and reproduce in relative closed quarters of captivity. Animals that need a very large territory are not suitable to domesticated
    3 - Animals need to be naturally calm. Very skittish or flighty animals will be hard to prevent escaping
    4 - Animals need to be willing to recognise humans as their superior, which means they must have flexible social hierarchy
  • What is progeny testing?

    The method of evaluating performance of the first (small) group of progeny and use that information to select the best father of future progeny
  • What is a breed?

    A group of animals of a certain species that through generations of selective breeding has become uniform in performance, appearance and selection history
  • What is a species?

    The largest group of animals that are capable of interbeeding and producing fertile offspring
  • What is the negative correlated response?

    When selective breeding has not only improved certain performances, but simultaneously and unintendidly also deteriorated other performances that were not under selection

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