The Structure of Crystalline Solids - Silicate Ceramics

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Why are silicates not considered to be ionic?

The interatomic Si-O bond has a significant covalent character. Non the less the SiO44- tertrahedron has a formal charge of -4. Various structures can arise from this tetrahedron.

What is the chemical formula and structure of silica?

SiO2 or silicon dioxide, where each corner of the tetrahedron is also the corner of an other tetrahedron.

What are the three primary polycrystalline forms of silica?

Quartz, cristobalite and tridymite. With low densities and high melting points.
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What is fused silica?

Fused silica or vitreous silica is a form of noncrystalline silica with a high degree of atomic randomness.

What are examples of network formers?

B2O3, GeO2 and SiO2

What are layered silicates?

Sheets of (Si2O5)2- where the negative charge is associated with oxygen atoms sticking out and compensated with a second layer of cations.

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