Summary: Nutrition And The Aging Body

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Nutrition and the Aging Body

  • 2 Intro to ageing

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  • What is a healthy lifespan?

    • Healthspan
    • Years of life spend in good health
    • Controversy
    • Helpful concept for interventions preventing aging-related deteriorations

    Healthspan of zero years when having diabetes type 1 from burn onwards

    • Gap with lifespan is increasing
  • What are the main reasons of the gap [gap with lifespan is increasing]

    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Cancer
    • Alzheimer's disease and dementia

    bodem slides, you want the blue line in stead of the purple line 
  • Where has COVID-19 influence on?

    • Maximum lifespan (possible but not per se)
    • Average lifespan 
    • Healthspan 
    • Socio-economic gap in healthspan 
  • What are the 5 blue zones? And what are blue zones?

    • Loma Linda
    • Nicoya, Costa Rica
    • Sardinia, Italy
    • Icaria, Greece
    • Okinawa, Japan

    1. areas of exceptional longevity
    2. highly active
    3. low level of stress
    4. strong community
    5. locally produced food, non-processed
  • What is the effect of lifestyle on lifespan smoking physical inactivity alcohol abuse diabetes BMIhypertension 

    • smoking - 4.8 y
    • physical inactivity - 2.4 y
    • alcohol abuse - 0.5 y
    • diabetes - 3.9 y
    • BMI - 0.7 y
    • hypertension - 1.6 y
  • What includes genetics vs lifestyle?

    • Long-lived sibling increases change to reach high age
    • Parents and offspring of long-lived persons also reach higher ages
    • However, also spouses of long-lived persons reach higher ages

    Longevity families: combination of genetics, environment and cultural factors 
  • Spouses (your men, wife) are not genetically similar, but why do they also have higher change to reach a higher age?

    Because they share 
    • traits
    • behaviour
    • environment
  • What is the estimation of true heredity of lifespan?

    Max 25%
    Most recent estimates around 12%

    Twin studies are used to unravel the true genetics determinants from environmental determinants 

    Compare monozygotic vs dizygotic
  • What are the male aging facts?

    • Testosterone production/ levels decrease gradually beginning around age 30
    • Sperm production does not stop
    • not all men experience low testosterone and sperm production
  • What are the female menopause facts?

    • Estrogen (female sex hormone) production drops rapidly beginning around age 40
    • egg production stops completely
    • all women experience low estrogen and egg production
    • FSH increases!!

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