Exercise in medicine / injury and nutrition

8 important questions on Exercise in medicine / injury and nutrition

Misconceptions about sports physicians are...

  • Only there for professional adn elite athletes. NO everyone can visit / get help
  • magician/doctor who runs into the field. NO that is te physiotherapeut
  • prescription of doping, banned substances

Sport injuries and related injuries/problems some numbers:

  • 3.7 million sports and exercise injuries each year. 1/3 needs medical treatment
  • acute injuries
  • overues injuries, which are underreported because athletes are continuing with the injuries

Diagnostic exercise training you can determine:

  • Load
  • ECG/heart rate
  • blood pressure
  • ventilation
  • VO2max
  • CO2
  • threshold
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What is the FITT principle?

Personalised exercise prescription adressing the following items:
- frequency
- intensity
- time
- type

Always combine nutrition and exercise!

Which 3 activities doe you perform at a outpatient clinic consultation?

  1. Pre-participation phycial examination
  2. Exercise related problems
    1. fatigue/overtraining syndrome/no improvement with training
    2. exercise induced problems
      1. asthma, stomach and bowel problems, headache, RED-S
  3. Sport injuries
    1. chronic/overuse injuries
    2. persisting problems after acute injury: 50% of the patient population

1. Pre-participation physical examination
It is safe to exercise/play sports?

  • obligatory examinations
    • elite athletes and talents
    • scuba diving, motor sports, cycling
  • cardiologic and musculoskeletal screening of recreational athletes
    • congenital abnormalities of the heart
    • coronary artery diseas (sudden cardiac death)
Individual exercise prescriptino:
  • determine exercise capacity

Training = systematic overload to improve the performance, so no homeostasis between laod and recovery

What can you do?

Adaptation: appropriate training leads to improvement of loading capacity and perormance (FITT)

Nutrition for tendon/ligament injuries:

  • Vit C - collage synthesis
  • Copper - cross-linking
  • Glycine - collagen synthesis
  • Gelatin/hydrolyzed collagen - collagen synthesis

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