Summary: Planning And Scheduling

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Planning and Scheduling

  • 1 General concepts

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  • What does effectiveness mean for customers, staff and company owners?

    Customer: quality of product, quality of service; 
    staff: quality of labour;
    Company owners: market position, business resilience;
  • Give the definition of efficiency vs. Effectiveness, make it visual in a graph

    Without effectiveness a company will not survive without efficiency it may survive.
  • What is the departure point or efficiency and effectiveness?

    The value proposition (compare Jumbo with Aldi);
  • What is the aim of planning & scheduling?

    Aims to organize that the value proposition is reached efficiently and feasibly given the companies capabilities.
  • What [2] things do planning & scheduling adress?

    • The organization of renewable resources (Supply);
    • All hierarchical levels of control; 
  • On what [2] things are planning & scheduling based?

    • Customer demand (forecasts);
    • Technological/engineered process plann (how to manufacture); 
  • Planning & Scheduling is a trade-off between?

    Managing variability and managing complexity.
  • What is the definition of Push planning?

    Pushes production based on forecasts.
  • 2 MPC

  • 2.1 Evolution MPC

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  • What is the industries evolution shortly explain

    Industry 1.0 mechanization, steam power and weaving loom; 
    Industry 2.0 mass production, assembly line, electrical energy;
    Industry 3.0 Automation, computers and electronics; 
    Industry 4.0 Cyber-physical systems, IoT, networks;
  • What is the evolution of MPC in practise?

    - Hardware automation 
    - Design and process planning (CAD, CAPP, rapid prototyping) 
    - Manufacturing planning and control systems

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