Introducing Project Time Management - Defining the Project Activities

14 important questions on Introducing Project Time Management - Defining the Project Activities

What are the components of project time management? (diagram)

  • Define the project activities
  • Sequence project activities
  • Estimate project activities resources
  • Estimate project activities duration
  • Develop project schedule
  • Control project schedule

What other factors of time influence the project time management?

  • Project management activities
  • Planning processes
  • The sequence of activities
  • Procurement
  • Reliance on internal and external events
  • Known and unknown effects affecting the project

What are the inputs for the creation of the activity list?

  • The schedule management plan
  • Scope baseline
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors (e.g. scheduling software)
  • Organizational Process Assets (methods, procedures, historical information)
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What is the difference between creation of an activity list and the decomposition of the WBS

  • The WBS decomposition is focussed on defining the deliverables (work packages) the project will create.
  • The activity list creation defines all the activities to create the components in the WBS
(keep in mind that these are not solo activities and can be done together with the project team)

What is the importance of rolling wave planning in Agile?

Deliverables are created through shorter cycles of work, with lots of evidence of quick planning, quick bursts of execution, and a deliverable to show for the work, before the team starts the cycle again.

What could be elements a template can contain to support the project manager?

  • Required actions to complete project scope
  • Required resources and skills
  • Required hours of duration for activities
  • Known risks
  • Outputs of the work
  • Description of the work packages
  • Supporting Details

A template is a form of an.. ?

Organizational Process Asset

When there is not enough information for a project manager to decompose the work to work packages, what can the project team do?

They can use planning components
  • Management Control Account - marked indicating that additional decisions and planning exists below the control account in the WBS. All work and effort for the associated deliverables is documented through a control account plan
  • Planning Packages - Allow to position planning activities below the control account but still above the work packages.

Explain the relation: WBS - activity list - schedule

The WBS defines the components the project will create, the activity list is an extension of the WBS defining the activities to create the components, and it is input to the project schedule.

What is the role of attributes of the activities in the activity list?

  • It ensures that team members are in agreement on what the work package accomplishes
  • To ensure that the work supports and creates the WBS deliverables
  • It ensures that work is within the project scope

What activity attributes should be included?

  • Activity Name and Description
  • Activity ID
  • WBS identifier
  • Relationships
  • Leads and lags
  • Resource requirements
  • Imposed Dates
  • Constraints and assumptions
  • Activity attributes - attributes to affect the schedule
  • Additional Information

What are LOE activities?

Level of Effort activities are support activities that have to be done throughout the project, such as reporting and budgeting.

What are discrete effort activities?

Discrete effort activities are those which are tied directly to completion of the project scope (compared to 'level of effort' activities or 'apportioned effort' activities)

What are apportioned activities?

Task that are more of an umbrella for the entire project, such as quality assurance or project management processes.

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