Project Human Resource Management - Preparing for Human Resource Planning

4 important questions on Project Human Resource Management - Preparing for Human Resource Planning

What is the HR planning process?

  • It is the process of mapping the project's roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships to the appropriate people or groups of people.
  • It identifies the people involved with the project and determines their role in the project, their overal influence on the project work, and to whom they may report/ from whom they may receive a report.

What are the four terms a human resource plan identifies for the project management team?

  • The role
  • The authority - level of decision making
  • The responsibility
  • Competence

What is a project interface? And which 5 types of project interfaces are being recognized?

The people and groups the project manager and the team will work with to complete the project. There are 5 types of interfaces:
  • Organizational Interfaces - people in the organization to work with
  • Technical interfaces - relation project and technical disciplines
  • Interpersonal interfaces - reporting relations among project members
  • Logistical interfaces - logistics of project stakeholders
  • Political interfaces - the goals of the individual stakeholders etc.
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What are typical human resource constraints that a project manager needs to deal with?

  • Organizational Structure constraints (functional, weak matrix, balanced matrix, strong matrix and projectized)
  • Collective bargaining agreements - the contractual agreements between employee groups, unions, or other labor organizations
  • Project management preferences - e.g. past project teams (setup)
  • Staffing - competencies and talent of the project team
  • Procurement

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